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What is an Archtop?

For most people accustomed to a Martin dreadnaught or Gibson jumbo, an archtop guitar is an animal of a different stripe. Rich, loud, and precise they want a nuanced touch. Acoustic archtops are not meant for evenings around a camp fire strumming chords. These guitars are a player's instrument. Single notes should ring out with sustain and clarity. The guitar should have a wide dynamic range. An acoustic archtop should have the volume necessary to play in an ensemble. These tonal qualities are favored in the Jazz world; but regardless of whether you are a country, fingerstyle, celtic, or even classical player the archtop's unique sound can be intoxicating and a must for recording, composing, or even playing live.

A good acoustic sound is not easy to achieve. Lower quality archtops often hide their weak acoustic sound by being overly adorned electric guitars. Take the amp away, and you are left with a very poor instrument. A quality acoustic archtop is rare and justifiably considered a premium instrument.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Traditionally, archtops have posed a serious challenge to luthiers. Carving a top out of an inch thick piece of spruce produced the volume and clarity players were demanding, but often sacrificed tone. Build it light enough to recapture lost tone and you risk the entire top collapsing under the weight of the strings. Modern technology has given us a new material that is lighter and stiffer than spruce while still providing a medium that encourages rather than dampens sound.

Carbon fiber has made significant inroads in the ultra traditional world of concert cellos and violins. Borrowing from some of the techniques of the violin world and bringing innovation and a guitar sensibility, this guitar has brought the acoustic archtop to the 21st century.

RWTW Guitars

Not just beautiful, RWTW archtops have a volume and note clarity that will astound. You will be forgiven for wondering where the amp is. Some factories cast the entire instrument from carbon fiber, as if to say "look at me! I'm different!" An RWTW archop is constructed using traditional techniques and fine wood. Only the top and "bracing" is carbon fiber. We feel using traditional materials and techniques combined with the best sound board modern technology can give us produces a stunning instrument that sounds and feels like the fine handcrafted guitar it is.


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